PhD Sheffield Hallam University. Delineating Disease: A system for investigating Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
MMAA Medical Artists’ Association RMIP State Registered Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners
MA Fine Art – City & Guilds of London Art School
BA (Hons) Graphic Design – Norwich School of Art

●Co-ordinator ‘Drawing Parallels’ Share Academy funded research project at QMUL/UCL
Artist-in-residence Barts Pathology Museum, Barts and The London School of medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London
●Visiting lecturer at Imperial College London
●Visting lecturer at St George’s University of London
2012 – ongoing
●Lecturer in drawing research and fine art at City & Guilds of London Art School
2009 – 2011
●Postdoctoral Fellow at Medical Museion, Center for Healthy Aging, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen
●Artist-in-residence at Drawing Spaces at Fábrica Braço de Prata in collaboration with the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Lisbon
2001 – 2009
●Lecturer in drawing research and fine art at City & Guilds of London Art School

2013 – 14
●Experiences of Ageing, Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen
2012 – 13
●Experiences of Ageing, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen
●Drawing: Between Art and Science, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon
●Delineating Disease at the Qvist Gallery, The Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England
2001- 02
●Drawings from the Museum Exhibition at the Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England

●Anatomica, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
●Ce Qui Fait Fragilité, Galerie Vivoequidem, Paris
●Fabrica Vitae, Zakynthos, Greece
●Body is the instrument of the soul, Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret, London
●Valentines anatomical heart pop up shop, London
●ArtWorks Open 2012, Barbican Arts Group Trust, ArtWorks Project Space, London
●Hybrid Art and Science Exhibition, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery
●First Fold, The Jago Gallery

●Pedersen, I. K. Det er så de hjul, vi ender på, Weekendavisen, 25th May
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●‘Drawing embodied knowledge: a dangerous activity’ chapter in Artistic research anthology, Fentz C. & McGurick T. (Eds.), NSU, due for publication Autumn 2015
●‘Drawing your way into Understanding’ article in Tracey Journal of Drawing and Visualisation Research, May 2012 (ISSN 1742-3570)
● ‘Delineating Disease’, article in Atrium Report of the Northwestern Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program, issue 10, "Graphic”, Spring 2012
●‘Dignity: drawing relationships with the body’, chapter in A Imagem na Ciência e na Arte: Representações do Corpo na Ciência e na Arte, Azevedo Tavares, C., (Ed.), Fim de Século, 2012
●‘Delineating Disease: drawing insights in the medical museum’, chapter in, Science Exhibitions: Curation & Design, Filippoupoliti, A., (Ed.), MuseumsEtc. 2010
●‘Delineating Disease’, The Bulletin for the Royal College of Pathologists, Number 142, June 2008
●‘Walls Are Not My Friends’, article in Working Papers in Art & Design (ISSN 1456-4917)

●26 -29 March ‘Scenes of a Textual Nature: drawing local text’ Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet
Vintersymposier, Crossing Contexts: interventions through artistic research, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia

●4-8 Sep ‘Drawing Parallels’ Vesalius Continuum, Zakynthos, Greece
●4-7 Sep ‘Pathology on display: a practical study of attitudes and approaches to encouraging engagement with contentious specimens’ Between Medical Collections and their Audiences – EAMHMS Congress, Science Museum, London
●24 -31 July ‘Writing in the moment: Hand drawn writing in and of the moment’ joint paper with Dr. Cecilia Lagerström, Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Sommarsession Artistic Research – Crossing Contexts, Iceland
●6 June, ‘Drawing Parallels: What can artistic practice tell us about medical museum collections?’Collect, Exchange, Display: Artistic Practice and the Medical Museum, RCSEng, London
●15 April invited speaker at Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain, Gordon Museum of Pathology, King’s College, London
●10-11 April Invited speaker at Touch conference, Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen

●29 July-5 Aug ‘Post it Notes and the fine art of collaboration’ Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Sommarsession Artistic Research-Crossing Context, Ulvikstein, Norway
●2 June Invited speaker Walking the line, Lancaster University
●8-9 March Invited speaker, It’s not what you think: Communicating Medical Materialities, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen
●14-17 Feb ‘Fertile Ground’ Joint paper with Dr Joanna Sperryn-Jones, Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Vintersymposier, Artistic Research-Crossing Context, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík

●19 Dec Invited speaker, UCA/NUCA/AHRC Design as Human Interface Workshop, ‘Design in Society – Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine:Translating Cultures’ Wellcome Collection, London
●22 October ‘Drawing in medical museums’ Invited speaker Laydeezdocomics, The Rag Factory, London
●15 Sept ‘Experiences of Ageing’ Keynote speaker at IMI Conference 2012, Glasgow
●12-14 Sept ‘Drawing research: shifting intersections and interventions in art and medical science’ Thinking and Drawing in STEAM, International Drawing and Cognition research, Wimbledon College of Arts, London
●12 Sept ‘On Rollators’ Invited speaker Danish Network “Design For All” 10th Anniversary Conference, Danish Design Center, Copenhagen
●10-11 Sept ‘From lab to studio’ DRN Drawing Knowledge Conference, Loughborough University
●27 July-3 August, ‘Performativity of Experience’ Joint paper with Dr Joanna Sperryn-Jones, Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Sommarsession, Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment, Denmark
●6 July ‘On Rollators’ Critical Perspectives, Future Challenges – BSA Ageing, Body and Society Conference 2012, British Library, London
●15-15 June ‘Sensuous Understanding of the Unknown and Unseen’ Sensualising Deformity: Communication and Constructions of Monstrous Embodiment, The University of Edinburgh
●27 April ‘Artistic research: interventions with Medical Museion’ Invited speaker Muse Seminar at University of Copenhagen
●19-23 Feb ‘Artistic research: interventions with the world’ Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Vintersymposier, Artistic Research-Strategies for Embodiment, Theatre Academy, Helsinki

●14 Oct ‘Drawing hidden truths’ Representing the contentious symposium, part of Mind Over Matter, a Wellcome Trust funded science/art project, Shoreditch town hall, London
●13-15 Sept ‘Drawing your way into understanding’, 2nd International Visual Methods Conference, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
●1-7 Aug ‘Engaging with the unfamiliar’ Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Sommarsession, Artistic Research-Strategies for Embodiment, Falsterbo kursgård, Sweden
●31 Jan-2 Feb ‘Drawing your way into understanding’ Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet Vintersymposier, Artistic Research-Strategies for Embodiment, Arkitektskolen Aarhus

●6-18 Sept ‘What am I looking at?’ 15th biannual conference of the European Association of Museums for the History of Medical Science, Meeting on Museums and Contemporary Biomedicine, University of Copenhagen
●31 Aug-3 Sept ‘Drawing your way into understanding – (Re) seeing medical objects’ Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change 6th Annual Conference 2010, The Social Life Of Methods, St Hugh’s College Oxford
●5-7 July ‘Drawing relationships with medicine’ AMH Conference 2010, Humanities at the Cutting Edge Conversations between Surgery, Pathology, The Humanities & The Arts, Truro and Tate St Ives
●21 June ‘Drawings from the Museion – a practical methodology’, invited speaker, Art and its Archives seminar, Nottingham Trent University
●5 May ‘Drawing workshops from the Museion – a practical methodology for communicating aging health care issues’, CESA seminar, University of Copenhagen

2014 – ongoing
●Teaching ‘Drawing 4 Surgeons’ workshops
●16 Feb taught ‘Drawing Pathology’ one-day workshop at St George’s medical school, pathology museum, SGUL
●Reviewer for Journal of Artistic Research

●Artist in Residence at Barts Pathology Museum, QMUL
●Reviewer for Journal of Biocommunication and Tracey Journal of Drawing and Visualisation Research
●5 May Invited to run workshop at Er det ét fedt, as part of the Obesity and gastric bypass exhibition at Medical Museion, University Copenhagen

●18 Sept Artist in Residence Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter conference, UCL, London
●11 July Invited lecturer at IARU summer school, Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen
●26 April Invited to run ‘Look Again’ public workshop at Medical Museion

●29-30 September Organizer of The Sensuous Object, 2-day international workshop at Medical Museion exploring how we understand and experience objects through our senses
●Founded the Sensuous Object network

Reviewer for Working Papers in Art & Design 30 Dec 2008 vol. 5

Co-curated display of drawings from the Tate Archives at Tate Britain’s With a Single Mark: The Models and Practice of Drawing symposium

Share Academy UAL/UCL/London Museums Group ACE funded award
Winner of British Council Darwin Now Award
Shortlisted for Jessica Wilkes Award
Winner of Michael Kenny Painting Award